When Playing Hockey: How Should One Prepare For A Game?

preparing for a hockey game

On the big day, players, of different sports, have to prepare their mind and body to be at their best condition when it’s finally game time. Mental and physical preparations are crucial as it affects the performances of each players in the ice rink.

Just like playing all other sports, there are several preparations that have to be done for a hockey game as well. From the choice of food down to checking your equipment before the game; all these have to be done to ensure bigger chances of winning.

Here in Euro2015.org, we will show you some of the most effective preparations before a small or big hockey game.

The Preparation Process

  • Sleep and wake up early.

When preparing for a game, it’s essential for your body to be in the best condition on the game day. This is why it’s important for you to sleep early and wake up early as well. Do not hit the snooze or spend time laying in bed lazily as this will bring your energy levels down throughout the entire day.

  • Eat the right food.

In the morning, make sure you eat a healthy and large breakfast. Choose food that has lots of protein and carbs; however, avoid fast-acting carbs. Throughout the day, make sure you hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water.

As for the pregame meal, it’s best for players to get slow-acting carbs from pasta, rice, etc. Also, you still would need to have some protein to go along with this and the hydration process must also be continued.

  • Do a pre-game skate or do some physical exercises.

Usually, players do a pre-game skate for around 30 mins or so. However, if you aren’t up for any pre-game skate, you may also do some physical exercises such as riding a bike or playing a little bit of soccer.

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  • Do your pre-game routine.

It’s very important for players or teams to have a pre-game or pre-winning routines Whether it’s eating a specific type of food, mental training before the game or doing some specific drills all together; the routine conditions the mind and body of each player and helps them focus more on achieving the goal of winning.

  • Check your gears.

Checking of the gears is already a given; you may do this hours before the game or right before the game starts. Make sure your pads, helmet and gloves are in the right condition. For skates, make sure they have been sharpened well.

If you’re confused about buying the best skates check out this guide to learn more from Skates HQ.

  • As a mental preparation, it’s also beneficial to visualize what may happen in the game and how the player should handle the possible moves of the opponent. This is important to do since it also may serve as a practice and a technique to respond fast during the actual game.Visualize the game.

Prepare for the game as much as you can–physically and mentally. Don’t ruin the condition of your body especially when the game is just hours away. Furthermore, make sure that the players and the entire team will do their pre-winning routine.

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