A Short Getaway from the City

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Seven o’clock in the morning is the normal start of the day in most of the major cities; it is considered rush hour. You will see crowd of people in a hurry to go to work, falling in line to get in a train; traffic jam everywhere. This cycle usually continues 6 to 7 days a week and sometimes, it can cause stress; thus, this affects a person’s productivity. It is advised by health professionals that a person should have at least a day or two to recuperate energy.

For those who wish to break the cycle and be at peace with nature at some point, there are a lot of ways to get away for a while from the busy and polluted streets of the city; A moment where a person can reflect and be one with your surroundings, a time for yourself and breathe fresh air so that you can continue moving forward with life.

Outdoor activity is one way that you can achieve embracing nature while having fun. For those who do not wish to leave the city limits, picnic on the nearest park can still be as satisfying as other outdoor activities. For those who are in to physical activities, they can try doing some sports like swimming, tennis, or basketball. But one of the most popular activities for those with busy daily lives is hiking. It will not only separate you from the toxic of the stressful normal days but also, it will help you connect with the nature as well. You can also have picnic at the top of the mountain and set up a tent to have that peaceful rest that you have been craving for.

For those who have not tried hiking, you will not only need to prepare yourself physically but also the gears and necessary things you might need to bring. Before you start that climb with your friends or a group of hikers, you will have to do the necessary preparations. For example, for those who are not used to moving and walking a long distance, you will have to do stretching or prepare yourself mentally. Other than that, below is a checklist of items that you may want to bring with you on your way.

– A perfect pair of shades; to keep your eyes protected while hiking
– Your best hiking boots partnered with a comfy pair of socks; you don’t want sprains and foot sore on your way up right?
– 1 liter of refillable bottled water; which you can refill in the mountains if you are lucky enough to find spring water
– 1 Extra cotton T-shirt, underwear and shorts that you can you can use after the hiking; this might come in handy.

– mosquito repellent
– first aid kit (small containers of alcohol, cotton, povidone iodine, small portion soap)
– Tissue (in the event mother nature calls you)
– food that you can eat while walking and when you arrive on top
– Camera to capture your achievement
– A tent with sleeping mat

When you have crossed out all the things that you need then you are all set to enjoy Nature!

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