KettleBell Training for Women’s Boxing 101

Zar Horton, a twenty-three year veteran of the Albuquerque Fire Department, and his team of fitness specialists have brought Russian Kettlebell training to denizens of the Duke City. Working out of their studio aptly named Firebellz, Horton and crew put elite athletes and everyday folks through the paces of efficient, functional workouts by way of the kettlebell.

The earliest recorded mention of the Russian Kettlebell dates back to the turn of the eighteenth century, when they were used as a training tool for Russian Armed Forces. It wasn’t until 1998 when Pavel Tsatsouline, a Russian Special Forces Instructor, brought the Kettlebell to the attention of the American public that its popularity took off.

Regarded as the “Modern King of Kettlebells” Tsatsouline developed a Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) program that requires years of dedication and is granted only to those who can master its numerous exercises and techniques. It also become especially popular for women’s boxing

Zar Horton first met Pavel in 2000 and instantly became enamored with Kettlebell training. After four years of intensive training and study Zar became RKC certified, initially incorporating the kettlebells into his training programs at the Fire Department. Zar is now a Senior Level RKC instructor and offers kettlebell training to the public at the Firebellz studio. Some of his better known clients include UFC veterans Keith Jardine and Clay Guida as well as Major League baseball player Kyle Blanks. On the day I visited Zar was putting Team Jackson’s MMA fighter Clint Roberts through a rigorous session.

“Kettlebells develop functional strength, they utilize the body’s entire musculature throughout the movements,” Zar explained. “Because the Kettlebell hangs to the side it creates an odd load which promotes core strength and balance improving ground force transfer, the ability to generate power from the ground up, through the hips and shoulders to the implement: a bat, racket, club or in the case of fighters a punch. The thickness of the handle increases grip strength. Of course you don’t have to be an athlete; kettlebell training can help anyone improve strength, flexibility and endurance.”

If you’re interested in learning more about kettlebell training check out the Firebellz website at or pay them a visit at 6203 Osuna NE. Also, catch Zar in action July 30th at the inaugural Southwest Combat Sports Expo at the Santa Ana Star Center where he’ll perform two Kettlebell demonstrations. For more on the Expo check out

Getting to Know the  Role of Tyvek in Making Different Products


examples of tyvek bags

One of the all-time favorite material is that which was discovered by a company named DuPont. Because of its amazing properties, this material has been used in creating many products we use today. That said, this material is no other than Tyvek.


Tyvek is a synthetic material made of high-density polyethylene fibers. The ultimate reason as to why Tyvek has gained so much popularity is because of its quality. The material is very strong; you cannot easily tear it apart using knife or scissors. Moreover, it is lightweight and resistant to chemicals. It also has a class A rating when it comes to flammability.

Above are only some of the outstanding features of Tyvek. Because of these characteristics, Tyvek has been used all around.


Note that these are only some of the uses of Tyvek for the past years; innovation and new ideas may still pave the way for bigger possibilities with this material.

  • House Wrap – Tyvek is mainly used as a housewrap as it provides the necessary air barrier which allows water vapor to pass at the same time restricting air infiltration.
  • Wristbands – From hospitals to concerts or shows, the wristbands given to patients and audiences are usually made of Tyvek; hence, it does not easily tear even if you try hard.
  • Envelopes – To make postal services better, Tyvek-made envelops are also used by some Postal Service or Mailing companies.
  • Coveralls – Tyvek is also used to create coveralls, one piece garments, or protective suits for mechanics, painters, industry workers, etc.
  • Clothes – Other than the coveralls, there is a recent trend of Tyvek hoodies, coats, dresses, shorts, and even sports wear.
  • Shoes – Tyvek has also dominated the shoe industry. Tyvek shoes have dominated the market because of the quality it offers.
  • Bags – From wallets to big tote bags, Tyvek has been used to design more durable and fashionable  bags for men and women.
  • Labeling – Because Tyvek is highly durable and washable, labeling in textile and garments make use of this material.

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Other Uses

For other countries, Tyvek is used very uniquely. For instance, in New Zealand, Tyvek is used for their driver’s license. And in Costa Rica and Haiti, Tyvek has been used to create bank notes (however, these banknotes are mostly collector items).


Indeed, there are many disposable Tyvek materials. However, disposing does not really mean leaving it in garbage bins and this is because Tyvek is recyclable. In fact, Tyvek’s mother company DuPont runs its own recycling programs wherein they recycle Tyvek disposable garments, Tyvek medical packaging, etc.


Tyvek has been a great help in the industry, and in our lives, in one way or another. Without its features and qualities, we would not be experiencing 101% safety when it comes to medical tools and equipment. Its characteristics truly make it an amazing material. It is no wonder why so many Tyvek printers are being demanded today.


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Getting to Know the Grounds For Divorce: Why Do Marriages End?

grounds for divorce

Perhaps, you and your spouse have not been very happy with your marriage. You might be thinking that divorce is the solution to the toxic atmosphere in your home; however, you are unsure if your situation is eligible for the dissolution process. If this sounds like your case then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will briefly but concisely tackle the grounds for divorce. But before anything else, let us first get to know what divorce actually is.

What is Divorce?

Basically, divorce is the dissolution of a marriage. In other words, the marital union is cancelled or terminated. That being said, the legal responsibilities and duties of the married spouses will have to be reorganized. Although the processes of divorce may not be universal, almost always it will include additional issues related to alimony, child support, child custody and the distribution of properties. Divorce is allowed in all countries except three: the Vatican City, the Philippines, and Sark.

When we have sports matches like basketball or hockey, it’s important for us to prepare for the game. Similarly, divorce may not be a game but it’s something that has to be carefully prepared for. One way to prepare is to know exactly what grounds you’re filing a divorce for.

how to prepare for divorce

Grounds for Divorce

In the United States, each state has its own set of grounds for divorce. More or less, however, they are the same for most states. The grounds for divorce usually include the following:

  • Adultery

One of the most well-known causes of divorce is adultery. Adultery refers to the situation wherein one of the marriage partners has an affair with another person that involves sexual relations. To use this as a ground, the party filing the divorce must present proof of the sexual relations.

  • Physical or Mental Abuse

When a spouse is suffering physical or mental abuse inflicted by their partner, they can file for a divorce as this is considered domestic violence; spice girls’ Mel B is even battling her divorce on this ground. For abuse to be used as grounds for divorce, it must be recurrent and not just a single act. In addition, the attacks need to be calculated and not provoked by the filing party.

  • Substance Abuse

Abuse of alcohol and narcotics have been correlated with domestic violence and this is what allows it to become grounds for marriage termination.

  • Mental Illness

Permanent insanity or mental illness is also considered a valid reason for divorce. With this ground, the help of a psychiatrist is needed. Medical records about the mental health of the accused must show that the condition is permanent.

  • Conviction of Crime

If the spouse has been convicted and imprisoned for illegal offense, the partner may file for a divorce. Usually, this ground will be valid if the accused needs to serve time in prison.

  • Abandonment

If one of the partner voluntarily deserted his/her marital household or duties, this will be considered as abandonment. Even denying sexual relations may sometimes be considered an act of abandonment. However, if the accused left because of reasons such as domestic violence, this is not desertion or abandonment.

  • Sexual Issues

Being sexually incompatible with each other may also be a ground for divorce. If one of the partners is sexually impotent or is incapable of performing  the act of sex, divorce may be considered.

Filing for a divorce is not an easy job. The advice and assistance of a divorce lawyer is much needed. Fortunately, there are reliable and trusted Divorce Attorneys in Houston as well as in all other states. You will just have to work hard in researching and asking around for references.

When Playing Hockey: How Should One Prepare For A Game?

preparing for a hockey game

On the big day, players, of different sports, have to prepare their mind and body to be at their best condition when it’s finally game time. Mental and physical preparations are crucial as it affects the performances of each players in the ice rink.

Just like playing all other sports, there are several preparations that have to be done for a hockey game as well. From the choice of food down to checking your equipment before the game; all these have to be done to ensure bigger chances of winning.

Here in, we will show you some of the most effective preparations before a small or big hockey game.

The Preparation Process

  • Sleep and wake up early.

When preparing for a game, it’s essential for your body to be in the best condition on the game day. This is why it’s important for you to sleep early and wake up early as well. Do not hit the snooze or spend time laying in bed lazily as this will bring your energy levels down throughout the entire day.

  • Eat the right food.

In the morning, make sure you eat a healthy and large breakfast. Choose food that has lots of protein and carbs; however, avoid fast-acting carbs. Throughout the day, make sure you hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water.

As for the pregame meal, it’s best for players to get slow-acting carbs from pasta, rice, etc. Also, you still would need to have some protein to go along with this and the hydration process must also be continued.

  • Do a pre-game skate or do some physical exercises.

Usually, players do a pre-game skate for around 30 mins or so. However, if you aren’t up for any pre-game skate, you may also do some physical exercises such as riding a bike or playing a little bit of soccer.

tips in buying hockey gears

  • Do your pre-game routine.

It’s very important for players or teams to have a pre-game or pre-winning routines Whether it’s eating a specific type of food, mental training before the game or doing some specific drills all together; the routine conditions the mind and body of each player and helps them focus more on achieving the goal of winning.

  • Check your gears.

Checking of the gears is already a given; you may do this hours before the game or right before the game starts. Make sure your pads, helmet and gloves are in the right condition. For skates, make sure they have been sharpened well.

If you’re confused about buying the best skates check out this guide to learn more from Skates HQ.

  • As a mental preparation, it’s also beneficial to visualize what may happen in the game and how the player should handle the possible moves of the opponent. This is important to do since it also may serve as a practice and a technique to respond fast during the actual game.Visualize the game.

Prepare for the game as much as you can–physically and mentally. Don’t ruin the condition of your body especially when the game is just hours away. Furthermore, make sure that the players and the entire team will do their pre-winning routine.